Monday, December 18, 2023

A Photo of Family and Friends, and the Birth of Plum Brook Country Club.

In this photographic postcard Elizabeth Marsh and Florence Steinemann are gazing at Edward H. Marsh. Also looking at Mr. Marsh are George C. Steinemann and Lea Marsh. Edward H. Marsh worked with his father in the plaster business. He was a personal friend of William Howard Taft, with whom he attended school. Edward H. Marsh lost his wife Carrie at a young age, and he was left with two very young children to raise.

Lea Marsh was the son of Edward H. Marsh; he married Elizabeth D.G. Moss, the daughter of banker Charles H. Moss. Lea’s good friend was George C. Steinemann, a prominent Sandusky attorney. George was married to Florence Cable, who was the granddaughter of Sandusky businessman Frank Cable.

According to an article in the March 30, 2014 issue of the Sandusky Register, in 1913 Lea Marsh and George C. Steinemann, along with Watson H. Butler, sent out a letter, looking for people to invest in a golf course, to be located on Hayes Avenue and Strub Road, on property owned by August Pfaff. The “Sandusky Golf Club,” sometimes known as the “Auto County Club” was incorporated in 1914. By 1915, land was purchased off Galloway Road, and eventually became the golf course for the Plum Brook Country Club.

By 1930, Lea and Elizabeth Moss had moved to Old Lyme, Connecticut. When George C. Steinemann passed away in 1932, Mr. and Mrs. Lea Marsh traveled back to Ohio for his funeral, where Lea Marsh served as a pallbearer.

Friday, December 08, 2023

Wedding of Elizabeth Schmid and James Summy

On December 8, 1941, Elizabeth Schmid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Schmid of Sandusky, married James B. Summy, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Summy. Rev. H.E. Pheiffer officiated.  On the marriage record on file at Erie County Probate Court, James Summy listed his occupation as cook in the United States Navy. Friends of the family said that the couple wanted to wed quickly, as Mr. Summy’s leave from the military service was soon to be ended, and he was needed back in service promptly. The wedding took place at St. Stephen’s Evangelical and Reformed Church, on the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared our country’s entry into World War II on this couple’s wedding day.

An article in the December 10, 1941 issue of the Sandusky Register gave an account of the wedding. Matron of honor was the bride’s sister, Mrs. Harry Hoelzer. Other bridesmaids included Mary Schmid and Mildred Sissen. Junior bridesmaid was the bride’s niece Audrey May Mears. Joyce Parker was the train bearer. Harry Hoelzer served as best man, and the ushers were Arthur Koewen, James Corley, and Oscar Schmid. A reception was held after the ceremony.

Mrs. Elizabeth Summy died at the age of 45, and was buried at Restlawn Cemetery in Huron, Ohio, now known as Meadow Green Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Summy remarried after the death of Elizabeth, and moved to Pennsylvania, where he died in 1999 at age 80.