Friday, October 02, 2009

Mystery Photos: Identify the Scene

In the Sandusky Library Archives is a small collection of stereographs from the early 1870s, collected and described by Leroy Hinkey. Over the next few months (unless I forget), we'll use some of those images here in the blog as "Mystery Photos." Let's start with a relatively easy one (or maybe not):

Can you describe where this scene is? From where was it taken? How many landmarks can you identify?

Here is a crop of a single frame, which might make it a little easier to see things. (The original is not of great quality).

Update: Told you it was an easy one. Our first commenter had the correct answer. It shows the corner of Columbus Avenue and (what is now) East Adams Street, viewed from the courthouse. Some of the buildings in the scene are still standing today, nearly 140 years later, although some have been modified. In the left forground is the Emmanuel Church. It was expanded in the 1950s, and had been remodeled well before then as well. In the background, you can see homes on Wayne Street that are still recognizable, including the Follett House, the Moss house, and Hubbard houses. In the distance is the German Reformed Church, now the site of First Faith Community Church.


Anonymous said...

from the erie co.court house looking east corner columbus and adams

Rachel Biel said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yours is wonderful, too. You should have a followers button. I did subscribe to it, but rarely check my google reader. At least I will know where to find the link.