Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Columbus Day Celebrated by Sandusky Schools in 1892

On October 21, 1892, the pupils and staff of Sandusky’s schools celebrated the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Literary and musical programs were presented at several local schools. In the afternoon a parade was held, in which students from public and parochial schools were joined by members of several Sandusky civic and military organizations.  Almost three thousand school students and their teachers took part in the event. A parade began at Sandusky High School (now Adams Junior High School) and extended to the fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and tenth ward buildings, and returned to the high school. An American flag was raised at saluted at each building. At the eighth ward school (later known as Campbell School), students from several classes gave recitations, sang songs, and gave tributes.

Betsy Graefe and Bertha McFadden, in Class D at the eighth ward school, presented a selection entitled “The Man Who Believes that the Earth is Round.”  At Sandusky High School, Jessie Hornig gave an oration entitled “Four Centuries.” Dr. Charles Graefe, president of the Board of Education, was one of the speakers who gave an address in the day’s festivities.

To read more about the Columbus Day’s celebration in Sandusky in 1892, see pages 92 to 100 in the Annual Report of the Board of Education of the City of Sandusky, Ohio, for the School Year Ending August 31ST, 1893, published by I.F. Mack and Brother, Printers, in Sandusky, Ohio.

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