Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome to the Sandusky History Weblog

Welcome to a blog about the history of Sandusky, Ohio and the surrounding area -- A service of the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.

In this blog, we will present views of Sandusky and Erie County history, using sources from the local history archives of the library, and offer opportunities for discussion of historical events and artifacts. You will see samples from the library's local history collections, learn more about the collections and the history they represent, and have an opportunity to share your thoughts and knowledge about the history of the region. Although the primary focus will be on the history of Sandusky, we will also occasionally include discussions on historical topics relating to Erie County, the Lake Erie Islands, and the Sandusky Bay region.

One of the regular features of this blog will be the category of "History Mystery." Many of the items in the Sandusky Library Archives have an unknown story behind them -- sometimes the people or place are unidentified, or we don't know much about the event in the picture. We plan to post items like this, with the hope that some of you might have the answers to these mysteries -- or at least some thoughts about them.

Please note: This blog is not a replacement for the reference department at the library -- if you have a reference question about local history, please click here. For all other questions, contact Reference Services, or call 419-625-3834.

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Alexander M Zoltai said...

I recently visited Sandusky after a 60-year absence (I was born here).
I've really come to like my hometown but never could find out who the little boy with one boot raised in the air is or what he means to Sandusky's history...

~ Alex

Sandusky Library Archives said...

Thanks for commenting. Here is a little about the Boy with the Boot: We have the story on the Sandusky Library FAQ page (, but I think it should be discussed on the blog, too. We will get to it soon, I hope.