Thursday, October 04, 2007

Archives Month: Reunions -- Homecoming Week, 1914

In commemoration of Archives Month in Ohio and its theme of "Reunions," let's remember Sandusky Homecoming Week, first held in 1914. Former Sanduskians were encouraged to visit the city during the week of July 13-19, to take part in festivities and to feel nostalgic for their old home. Among the highlights of the week were parades (including a parade of motorboats), exhibits of local industry, concerts, fireworks, and "free automobile rides." Pioneer aviator Tony Jannus was scheduled to perform exhibition flights, although it appears that wind and rain may have kept him grounded.

The Sandusky Register reported that nearly 1500 former residents (from at least 27 states) registered their attendance during the week, with most registrants given a souvenir "key" by the Ad Club. Attendance was so good that the celebration, originally planned to end on Saturday, was extended to Sunday, July 19, with boat races and a concert performance by Ackley's Band concluding the events.

Apparently, Homecoming Week was so popular it was held again the following year, as well as during the city's centennial year, 1924. You can see the button for that event in the poster in the post below.


Mike said...

I was lucky enough to find one of these keys while metal detecting.

Brian said...

Do you know what the "AD Club" was that is marked on the key? Is that listed in the SHS yearbook? Thanks a lot.

Sandusky Library Archives Research Center said...

From what I can tell, the Ad Club was a business club, with chapters around the country. It was composed of people in the advertising business. I don't know exactly what their role was, but I presume in this case, they were involved in promoting Homecoming Week. The 1915 city directory listed Frank Schnaitter as president of the club.