Friday, May 23, 2008

Musicians in Sandusky

Music has been an important part of society throughout history. From lullabies, to work songs, to patriotic anthems and funeral hymns, music is associated with major milestones of an individual’s or a family’s life experiences. Before the time of television and radio, families would often enjoy songs together in the evening. Virtually all movies, plays, and television programs utilize some form of music to convey a message.

In Sandusky music has been performed by many community and school bands and orchestras. Musical performances at public events were common. Organized singing groups were very popular with the German immigrants. Additionally, the first known band in Sandusky was the Jaeger Band, comprised mainly of German immigrants (seen here circa 1851). A variety of bands appeared at Cedar Point throughout the years, including that of John Philip Sousa. When local piano teachers had recitals, the newspaper listed the names of the students as well as the pieces each student played.
Aimee Quinn is pictured with her violin in 1897. She later taught music along with her sister Jean in New York City. Aimee’s father was grocer in Sandusky.
Reber Johnson was a child prodigy. He is seen here at the age of 6 with his instructor William F. Peters. Reber Johnson taught music at Oberlin College for thirty years. He was the grandson of Leonard Johnson, who owned Johnson’s Island at one time. Reber Johnson’s aunt, Sallie Reber, was a well-known popular singer.

The Sandusky High School Orchestra of 1904 is pictured below:

Visit the Sandusky Library’s Archives Research Center to learn more about the music and musicians of Erie County.

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