Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Street Signs in Sandusky in 1948

Through much of the twentieth century several state highways travelled through downtown Sandusky. Here we can see that a number of directional signs were located at the intersection of Washington Street and Columbus Avenue in 1948. Cleveland is marked at 58 miles to the east, while Huron is only 10 miles away. Pointing to the west are signs for Port Clinton and Castalia.

State Routes 6 and 2 are marked along with Routes 12 and 101. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, a portion of Route 12 was shared with Route 101. For a history of these Ohio States Routes see this link. (Scroll down to the state routes for more information.)

The brick building in the background is the Sloane House which was built in 1880, and owned by Rush Sloane. The Sloane House was demolished when Lasalle’s opened a store in downtown Sandusky in the late 1940’s. This site is now the location of an office building for Erie County.

Several vintage automobiles can be seen in the wider view of this photograph.

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