Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The American Liquor & Opium Cure Company of Sandusky, Ohio

A newspaper article in the December 1, 1892 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that the American Liquor and Opium Cure Company was ready for business. Medical directors were physicians A. J. Crane and A. L. Wilson. Officers were: F. E. Hoover, President; Sam W. Miller, Manager; F.A. Layman, Secretary; and F. L. Felch, Treasurer. The facility claimed it could help patients overcome the habits of liquor, morphine, and cigarettes with pure vegetable remedies. The sanitarium was located at Oak Grove Place, the former home of Sandusky businessman C.C. Keech.

By 1898, the American Liquor & Opium Cure Company was no longer in operation, and a saloon known as Oak Grove Villa was at this location. In 1902, Laurence Cable purchased the former Keech residence, and deeded it to Rev. Bishop Ignatius F. Horstman to be used as a hospital. After the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine took charge of the proposed hospital, it was given the name of Providence Hospital. In 2001, Providence Hospital became a part of the Firelands Regional Medical Center. Helen Hansen wrote about the C. C. Keech house, at 1912 Hayes Avenue, in Article 17 of her book At Home in Early Sandusky.

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