Tuesday, October 12, 2010

German Beneficial Union, No. 723

The November 1948 issue of the Union Reporter featured a brief history of the German Beneficial Union, No. 723. Sometimes known as the Greater Beneficial Union, the German Beneficial Union was a fraternal organization which aided Americans of German descent. The organization often offered savings programs and insurance policies to its members, besides promoting German cultural events and community involvement.
Earl F. Fernau was the secretary of District No. 723, German Beneficial Union in 1948. In the article Mr. Fernau listed the various meeting places of the G.B.U., District 723, in Sandusky which included Fuchs Hall, the Odd Fellows Hall, and St. John’s Hall. In September of 1948, the new home of District No. 723, German Beneficial Union was located at the northwest corner of East Adams and Hancock Streets in Sandusky.

Pictured below are the officers of the German Beneficial Union, District 723 in 1948.
Front row: Joseph Michel, President, William Stehle, Secretary Earl Fernau, Treasurer, Marcel Kieffer. Back row: Mrs. Joseph Michel, Mrs. William Stehle, Michael Hert, Clayton Biglin, Mrs. Raymond Grundler, and Mrs. Michael Hert.

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