Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dial's Concert Orchestra

Pictured below is the Dial’s Concert Orchestra.

Back: Walter Ely, Charles Trone, William Ely, Edward Senne
Front: Frank Montgomery, Roy Ely, Alex Osterman, William Dials, Charles Schrenk, John Schaub, and Charles Abele

The Dial's Concert Orchestra was made up of all male members. The orchestra played in Sandusky about 1902-1905. Not much is known about this particular group, except that several members also played with other musical groups. Frank Montgomery’s obituary, which is found in the 1929 Obituary Notebook stated that he was the last living member of the Great Western Band at the time of his death. According to a Sandusky Star Journal, Ed Senne had spent much of the summer of 1905 playing in the band and orchestra at the Lakeside resort. The Sandusky Star of June 13, 1904 reported that Walter Ely was member of the Cedar Point Band in 1904. (He had his watch stolen on the steamer Wehrle that summer!)

The Sandusky Library Archives Research Center own two copies of this photograph. One was donated by Norbert Lange, and the other by Robert Frank. If anyone has more information about the Dial’s Concert Orchestra, please leave a message in the Comments field of this blog posting.