Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Sandusky Division of the A.H. Jackson Manufacturing Company

In 1899 a division of the A.H. Jackson Manufacturing Company opened in Sandusky. The founder of the company was Amos H. Jackson, who served in the U.S. Congress from 1903 to 1905. Mr. Jackson, who settled in Fremont, Ohio in the 1880s, also operated factories in Fremont, Tiffin, and Fostoria. The company, which became known as the “Jackson Underwear Company” manufactured women’s and children’s muslin and flannelette undergarments. Pictured below are a group of men connected with the construction of the Sandusky branch of the Jackson Underwear Company, located at the northeast corner of North Depot and McDonough Streets.

Many of the employees of the Jackson Underwear Company were female.

By 1911 the manufacturing division of the A.H. Jackson Manufacturing Company was still at the northeast corner of North Depot and McDonough Streets, while a retail department was located at the southwest corner of Market and Wayne Streets. An advertisement in the February 11, 1920 issue of the Sandusky Register indicated that beginners would be able to earn a salary while learning on the job.

Amos H. Jackson passed away in Fremont on August 30, 1924. The Jackson Underwear Company ceased operations in Sandusky in the early 1930s.


Ed Daniel said...

I remenber that building for two reasons: During the summer of one of my high school years (1950-54), I tried to get a summer job in that building, which at that time housed the Sandusky Folding Box Company. I didn't get the job. The 2nd reason for remembering that building is that for several years my brother Bob Daniel, and his wife Jane (Gerold) and thier first four children, lived on McDonough Street next to that factory.

Anonymous said...

Three of the Baumann sisters worked at Jackson's Underwear Factory - Mertie, Faye, Mary. They helped supported their mother with 10 children after their father died in 1898, kicked by the horse he was brushing. They lived in Fremont, Ohio. As told by my grandmother Mertie.

Judy Rehbein Pugh