Saturday, January 19, 2013

Albert H. Robrahn’s Tailor Shop

After working for Miller and Robrahn’s tailoring shop in the 1880’s, Albert H. Robrahn went into business for himself. In the 1921 Sandusky City Directory, Albert H. Robrahn had a ladies’ tailoring shop at 422 West Market Street. By 1932 Albert Robrahn had re-located the tailoring business to 814 West Adams Street, where he and his wife Ida also resided. In the picture above, Mr. Robrahn can be seen doing paperwork at a desk in the back of the shop.  One of the young ladies, on the right in the picture, has been identified as Clara Schaeffer Klemmt. One employee is sewing on a Singer sewing machine, while another young lady is sewing by hand. This vintage view of the interior of a local tailoring business takes us back to a simpler time.

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