Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frederick Douglass Spoke in Sandusky in 1864

On March 16, 1864, Frederick Douglass spoke in Sandusky at Norman Hall, located on Water Street. His topic was the “Mission of the War.”

An article which appeared in the March 17, 1864 issue of the Sandusky Daily Commercial Register read in part:

Norman Hall was filled with an appreciative and highly delighted audience last evening to listen to Fred. Douglass’ lecture on the “Mission of the War.” As this was the first time the speaker ever addressed a Sandusky audience, the attendance as well as the often-repeated expressions of approbation, were flattering to the speaker and betokened a public sentiment in sympathy with his views of the mission of the present great struggle…Suffice it to say that it was a masterly effort – both as to matter and manner was worthy of the speaker’s reputation as one of the first orators in our country. It evidenced logical thought, abounded in nice points, well put, and was delivered in most choice and chaste language, and with an air of ease and dignity which belongs to the graver debates in the Senate chamber, but which is too rarely seen there or elsewhere
 A copy of “The Mission of the War,” as presented by Mr. Douglass in Philadelphia in 1863 can be viewed at The FrederickDouglass Papers at the Library of Congress.

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