Thursday, August 15, 2013

Miss Sandusky of 1939

Miss Dona Mae McAleer of Sandusky was chosen “Miss Sandusky” on August 14, 1939. The beauty contest was sponsored by the Sandusky Junior Chamber of Commerce and was held at Cedar Point. Judges included Mrs. Kenneth Zehner, Municipal Judge Ray F. Speers, bandmaster Charles “Buddy” Rogers, and Cole Keyes, manager of the Rogers band.  The Buddy Rogers band was appearing at Cedar Point’s ballroom in August, 1939. While Buddy Rogers was appearing at Cedar Point, his wife, Mary Pickford visited Sandusky. She is quoted as saying, “There should be a motion picture made with Sandusky as the locale. Sandusky is one of the prettiest port cities I have ever seen, including my trips abroad.”

The judging of the “Miss Sandusky” contest was based fifty percent on beauty, twenty five percent on presentation, and twenty five percent on applause. The results of the “Miss Sandusky” contest were announced on WTAM radio.

Dona Mae McAleer represented Sandusky and the Sandusky Junior Chamber of Commerce on a three day statewide Air Tour, sponsored by the Cleveland Junior Chamber of Commerce held in conjunction with the National Air Races. In the fall of 1939, she competed in the contest for the Ohio Grape Festival Queen, and was selected as a runner up.

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