Monday, November 04, 2013

Isaac Grasgreen Boots and Shoes

From 1882 through 1890, Isaac Grasgreen operated a business that sold boots and shoes at 115 Columbus Avenue in downtown Sandusky. An advertisement for Isaac Grasgreen’s store, which appeared in the October 16, 1889 issue of the Sandusky Register, stated that Mr. Grasgreen could save customers from twenty-five cents to forty cents on each pair of school shoes purchased. The shoes ranged in prices from $1.00 to $1.75.

A listing by Mr. Grasgreen in the 1886 Sandusky City Directory stated that “fine custom work” was a specialty at the Isaac Grasgreen boot and shoe store. This promotional booklet was given to customers of the Grasgreen boot and shoe store.

By 1891 the Isaac Grasgreen family had moved to Toledo, Ohio, where he operated a saloon. 

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