Friday, January 03, 2014

Murschel Family Home on Columbus Avenue

According to listings in Sandusky City Directories, this lovely Queen Anne home at 615 Columbus Avenue was the home of the William Y. Murschel family. Members of the Murschel family lived at this residence from 1900 through the 1980s. This photograph was taken by L.C. Sartorius, a photographer in Sandusky in the late 1890s. Mr. Sartorius lived not far from the Murschel family on East Park Street. William Y. Murschel is most likely the gentleman seated in the chair on the porch.  William Y. Murschel, along with his father Jacob, built the Murschel House, a popular hotel opposite the New York Central depot for many decades. William Y. Murschel died on March 21, 1926. Mrs. Elizabeth Murschel passed away in 1946. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Murschel continued to reside at this home for several years.

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