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WLEC Radio Began Broadcasting in 1947

Now a part of BAS Broadcasting Ohio, WLEC Radio began broadcasting on December 7, 1947. At that time WLEC was operated by the Lake Erie Broadcasting Company, an affiliate of the Mutual Broadcasting System. The premiere broadcast on WLEC featured a program which commemorated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

This picture was taken on the first anniversary of WLEC Radio in 1948. From left to right are: Bill Frankel, Al Heiser, John Kohler, Marie Pascoe, Father Hartman, Ed Gangware, Karl Whinnery and Jay Wagner.

 Marie Pascoe is seen on the left side in the picture below. In the 1950s, she narrated radio programs on WLEC Radio using the name Nancy Lake.

Jay Wagner and Dan Appel are on either side of the Landes twins during a WLEC broadcast.

 In 1958 WLEC Radio took its mobile studio the dedication of the City Building.

Below is a picture of WLEC Radio staff from the 1970s.

Do you have any special memories of listening to WLEC Radio?


Ed Daniel said...

I certainly do remember listening to WLEC in the late 1940's. I and the other members of our family excitedly gathered around the radio to hear WLEC going on-air on its first day of broadcasting. I also remember,as a sixth-grader, being interviewed by Jay Wagner on a Saturday morning WLEC show in 1948 that featured local kids playing music selections. I played the piano.
I have lived away from Sandusky for over 60 years (now live in Maryland), but whenever I drive back to Sandusky to visit, I tune into WLEC as soon as I can pick up its signal on the Ohio Turnpike.

Ed Daniel said...

I forgot in my prior comment, to note that the 1948 photo of dignitaries observing the 1st anniv. of WLEC in 1948, includes Father Joseph Hartman, then-principal of St. Mary's High School, and Karl Whinnery, then-Supt. of Sandusky public Schools. I attended St. Mary's High School, where Father Hartman was referred to (behind his back) as "Big Joe."

Anonymous said...

Pinky Ries had a morning show in the '50s with the sound of coffee being poured. Also, Karl Bates with his show "A Little Bit about This and That." Remember "The Cedar Point Beach Party" during summer afternoons?

William Pietschman said...

WLEC! Always playing in my Dad's Chiropractic office. What a fond memory! First thing I picked up with a homemade crystal radio! This was the start of my ham radio pursuits...Now displaced from Sandusky for many years, I listen to WLEC via the Internet. Nothing beats LOCALLY Delivered NEWS.

My WLEC Story is here:


William Pietschman (W8LV)