Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Early Veterinarians' Bills

In 1878 and 1879, Jay Bogert, who ran a livery service in Sandusky for many years, paid Dr. William B.H. Hunt for his services as a Veterinary Surgeon. Dr. Hunt attended to horses owned by Mr. Bogert on three occasions. The bill for three house calls totaled $5.75. Twice Dr. Hunt administered an antispasmodic drench to Bogert's animals. According to a reference from The Modern Horse Doctor, published in 1856, an antispasmodic drench was used for spasms of either the nervous system or muscular system. Dr. Hunt was listed in the Sandusky City Directories of 1878 and 1880 as a Veterinary Surgeon at 1220 Washington Street; later he was elected as Mayor of Sandusky, serving from 1881 to 1882, and then re-elected in 1887 and 1889.

Another veterinary bill from long ago was paid to Dr. E. R. Hinkley by a Mr. Emrich on July 1, 1904.

The veterinarian called at the Emrich residence to treat a horse. His bill was $2.50. Dr. Hinkley was born in Huron County, but he spent most of his adult life as a Veterinary Surgeon in Sandusky, Ohio. His office was located on the south side of West Market Street for many years; the office is visible at the extreme right of this image of Market Street, with the Columbus Avenue intersection in the background.

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