Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pierced Paper Valentines

These two Valentines were donated to the Follett House Museum from Mabel Wilcox Orwig. The full story behind the giver and receiver of these valentines is unknown. Each piece of paper was folded four times and cut into scallops. Then holes were punched and pins were pricked through the paper to create a decorative design. 


The Valentine made with pink paper had this inscription:
Long for thy coming I’ve wailed and sighed
Breathless the air love and calm is the night
Golden with stars oh the heavens are bright
Long for thy coming I’ve waited and sighed
Joanah my love

The Valentine made with white paper had this inscription:

You are worthy of my esteem
May you always be happy
Call on me in trouble
 Re[me]mber the giver

These lovely handmade cards were donated in the 1960s, but most likely were created many years before that time, in the nineteenth century. Pin pierced designs have been popular for several centuries.

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