Friday, May 15, 2015

The Quinnebog Fishing Club

This vintage photograph from the Dr. Norbert Lange collection was taken shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. Several Sandusky residents were members of the Quinnebog Fishing Club. The group is standing in front of the clubhouse on Hen Island, which is located in the Canadian waters of Lake Erie, west of Pelee Island. A few individuals were identified in the picture:

1. Commodore Huntington
2. Frank Stang
3. Julius Wagner
4. Frank Kerber
5. Mr. Sinnerson
6. Dr. Beatty
7. Mr. Sanderson
8. John Hertlein
11.John Giedeman
12. Mr. Himmelein
14. Frank Stockdale

According to the Sandusky Register of May 15, 1903, ten members of the Quinnebog Fishing Club, and eight guests, went on a fishing party for three days, and they caught a total of 1068 bass.

The Quinnebog Fishing Club was founded in 1890 and is still active today.

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