Monday, July 20, 2015

Sandusky Chamber of Commerce Members in 1918

Members of Sandusky’s Chamber of Commerce are pictured in front of the Masonic Temple in Sandusky in 1918. A sign that reads “Keep Sandusky at the Front” is at the front and center of the group. At this time the United States was fighting in World War I, and at the same time an influenza epidemic had swept through the entire world, infecting millions. Many of the men in the Chamber of Commerce took leadership roles in Sandusky during the war. The Honor Roll, 1917-1918, Erie County Edition features pictures and information about the men and women on the home front who took part in supporting the war effort. Some of the local organizations and activities that existed locally during World War One were the Erie County War Industries Committee, Erie County Chapter of the American Red Cross, Erie County War Leagues, Erie County food Administration, Liberty Loan Drives, War Savings Stamp Committees. People of all ages and economic groups contributed their time and energy to the war effort. Pages 281-287 of The Honor Roll give a detailed description of the home front during this time. In spite of the fact that approximately forty per cent of the population of Erie County was of German descent, the community pulled together in a joint cause. One paragraph reads, “From the very first the people of Erie County, almost to the last person, put everything aside and labored tirelessly with but one object in view, that object being the winning of the war. They gave their sons and daughters. They surrendered their means, depriving themselves, to a more or less extent, of even the ordinary comforts of life in a great many instances. They contributed valuable time without thought of compensation other than that which victory held. Best of all they lent their moral support.” 

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