Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thirteenth Regiment Band of New York Performed in Sandusky

The following notice appeared in the December 19, 1890 issue of the Sandusky Register.

Fred N. Innes and his 13th Regiment Band from New York gave a concert in Sandusky on Friday, December 19, 1890. Mr. Innes was considered “the greatest trombone player in the world.”  Tickets for the concert were on sale at Nusly’s Jewelry Store, and sold for fifty cents, seventy five cents and one dollar. The concert was held at Biemiller’s Opera House, which once stood at the southwest corner of Water and Jackson Streets.

A brief article in the Sandusky Register of December 29, 1890, reported that the famous 13th Regimental band gave a superb concert at the Opera House, and “the music loving people of Sandusky who attended were more than pleased.” The audience was not as large as was expected, due to the closeness of the holidays. The article continued, “The members of this band are all artists of the highest rank, and under the matchless leadership of Mr. F. N. Innes this musical organization is one of the strongest in the country, not excepting the great Gilmore’s band.”

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