Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Coolee Engineering Company

According to the Sandusky Star Journal of May 29, 1924, the Coolee Engineering Company became the latest industrial enterprise to open in Sandusky at the southwest corner of Shelby and Water Streets. Machinery from Cleveland was put into place, and the new manufacturing facility was expected to employ about fifty local individuals. Claude H. Cook was president of the company, with C. E. Lewis serving as secretary; H.J. Lewis, first vice president; Charles E. Kingsboro, second vice president; and Marcus Bonar, Auditor and Credit Manager. 

The Herb & Myers Company sold a variety of appliances made by the Coolee Engineering Company in November of 1924. Their brand, O-Kay electrical products were said to be safe, simple, economical, practical serviceable, and lightweight, and just right for a holiday gift. A Herb and Myers ad, which appeared in the November 24, 1924 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal stated,  “Wherever there is electricity in the home, there also is located a very definite O-Kay market.” O-Kay products sold at Herb and Myers included portable heaters, hot plates, grills, and curling irons. All O-Kay products could run on direct or alternating current.

In 1926 the company was re-organized and became known as the Coolee Manufacturing Company. Sadly, an advertisement in the classified section of the December 15, 1928 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal indicated that the Coolee Manufacturing Company had gone into bankruptcy proceedings. 

This electric mixer, made by the Coolee Manufacturing Company, was donated to the Follett House Museum by William McGowan several years ago.

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