Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sandusky Service Stations

Bob’s Marathon Station and Bill’s Sohio Station were just two of the over forty local service stations listed in the 1960 Sandusky City Directory. Bob’s Marathon was operated by Robert W. Kowalk in 1960. The station was conveniently located kitty corner to Jean’s Diner.

Local residents would pass by Bob’s Marathon on their way to the Sandusky Plaza, which opened in 1956. Not far away from Bob’s Marathon Station, Bill’s Sohio Service Station was in business at 537 Huron Avenue at East Madison Street; William H. Herhold, a resident of Huron, was the proprietor.

An article in the July 18, 1961 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that Bill’s Sohio Station, which had recently been renovated, was among Standard Oil’s Most Modern Stations. The station had three gasoline pumps. When customers had their gas pumped, the employees of Bill’s Sohio Station would also clean the customer’s windshield and check the oil, water and battery. Other services included tune-ups, wheel balancing, and the installation of mufflers, tires, spark plugs and batteries. Top Value stamps were given away with every purchase at Bill’s Sohio. Of course today the gas stations formerly operated by the Standard Oil Company are now owned by British Petroleum, and most gas pumps are self-service.


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What is the location of these gas stations? are any buildings still standing or what is in place of them now?
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