Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Village of Enterprise

The small community of Enterprise was located in the southern section of Section 1 of Oxford Township, Erie County, Ohio, just north of the Huron River, as seen below on a portion of an historic map from the website of the Erie County Auditor.

The 1896 Erie County Atlas featured a small map of the village of Enterprise, which is now in  an area of rural Oxford Township. The village is no longer in existence. Some of the individuals who resided in or near Enterprise in 1896 were W.H. Newton, Urban Livengood, P. Huber and H. Root.

According to the Erie County Cemetery Census, Before 1909, there is a graveyard in the woods near the former village of Enterprise (now on private property.)  Only one stone remains intact - that of Clarinda Sayer, wife of Jedediah Sayer, who died May 22, 1841, at age 55 years. Others who are reported to have been buried in the graveyard in the woods near Enterprise include Jedediah Sayer, died 1841; Capt. Charles Parker, died 1812; Ira Parker, died 1812; and Samuel Seymour, died 1812.  

An article in the November 24, 1947 issue of the Sandusky Register Star News provides some history about some of the events of 1812, in an interesting history of the Milan area. There was once a military blockhouse near Enterprise, at the former farm of Charles Parker. It was there that, it is said, Samuel Seymour was murdered by Native Americans in the fall of 1812. Though the Village of Enterprise no longer remains, it once was a lively small community in the heartland of northern Ohio.

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