Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Smith Brick Company

The Smith Brick Company was incorporated in 1902; it was located on the east side of Olds Street, south of Monroe Street. The 1904 Sandusky City Directory listed John H. Smith as the president and general manager, and Ernest Stephens as the secretary-treasurer. A map of the property appeared in the 1904 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map:

The Smith Brick Company was located near the railroad tracks and the Lower Lake Coal Docks, which made shipping of their products quite convenient.  In September of 1906, the company received an order for a million bricks that were to be shipped to Chicago Junction (now known as Willard) for construction of a roundhouse for the B and O Railroad. In 1910 the Smith Brick Company was bought out by James J. Hinde, and it became the Hinde Brick and Tile Company. This ad appeared in the Sandusky Register of August 5, 1912.

By 1923 the Erie Brick and Cement Company took over the site of the former Hinde Brick and Tile Company. The west end of the city of Sandusky has long been home to many industrial sites. Visit the Sandusky Library to view decades of historical Sandusky City Directories which provide detailed listings of past and present Sandusky residents and businesses.

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