Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snapshots from Dorothy Wieland’s Photograph Album

Descendants of the Wieland family donated a photograph album to the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center. The album once belonged to Dorothy Wieland, the daughter of Frank and Blanche Wieland. Though not all the people in the pictures have been identified, by looking through the album one can get a sense of what everyday life was like for a family in Sandusky in the 1910s through the 1930s. The family took several trips, and often had family gatherings, which provided plenty of opportunities for picture taking. Dorothy Wieland married Rev. F. Plummer Whipple. Together, Rev. and Dorothy Wieland Whipple published the pictorial monthly publication Lens in the late 1940s. Dorothy was an artist and a freelance writer, and she was included in both Who’s Who in American Art and Who’s Who in American Women. Below is a picture of Dorothy as a youngster.

This selection of pictures includes Dorothy’s parents, Frank and Blanche Wieland, as well as a group of family and friends at Bay Point. Sadly, Mrs. Blanche Wieland died at the age of 38.

Frank Wieland and his brother in law Lewis Arend posed by a sign for the Sea Swing on the Cedar Point beach.

Below we see Blanche and Frank Wieland, standing next to Lewis Arend and Lil Arend, the sister of Blanche. In the front are cousins Eloise Arend, Mary Wieland, Howard Arend, and Dorothy Wieland.

This unidentified person is enjoying the beach at Cedar Point.

Thanks to the Wieland family for allowing us to get a glimpse of the past through Dorothy’s photograph album.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely album. So nice to see some pictures with names. I really hate going to flea markets and antique stores and seeing so many pictures in boxes with no names. please everyone mark the back of your photographs now. You may think someone will always know who they are, but as time has told us, it just isn't true. Don't let your family be sitting unknown in a shop or worse, thrown away in the garbage because no one knows who they are.