Tuesday, February 06, 2018

A Look at the Foot of Columbus Avenue in the 1890s

In the late nineteenth century, the foot of Columbus Avenue looked quite different from Sandusky’s waterfront today. People could board trains as well as steamships here. The interurban also had tracks that brought people to these docks. From downtown Sandusky, visitors could travel to Cedar Point, the Lake Erie Islands, and even to Detroit. 

The business at the left side of the picture below shows a stand that sold cigars and newspapers. A popcorn stand was located beside the news stand. A diamond shaped railroad crossing sign warned people to look out for railway cars. A group of men were deep in conversation in front of the fountain.

In this close-up view of the Arrow, you can see two men walking on the deck. A bicycle is visible on the lower level, suggesting that a passenger planned to take a bicycle ride once they got to their destination in the Lake Erie Islands area.

The steamer R.B. Hayes can be seen right next to the Johnson’s Island boat landing. A faded sign on the dock read “Over 12 Million Passengers.”

Visit the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center to view hundreds of historical photographs from Sandusky and Erie County. You can also access historical photos online at the Past Perfect Local History Archives.

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