Friday, April 06, 2018

The Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry War Album was compiled and published by Captain L.W. Howard of Toledo, Ohio. The 6th O.V. I.  served with the occupation forces in Cuba following the Spanish American War. Company B was organized in Sandusky, Ohio as Co. B, Sixteenth Regiment Infantry, Ohio National Guard. The soldiers served from April 1898 to May 1899.

Here is a picture of the Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of Company B in April, 1898:

On Thanksgiving in 1998, Company B of the 1st West Virginia regiment served Thanksgiving dinner to Co. B, 6th Ohio in Knoxville, Ohio.

This historic photograph in the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center shows Company B’s return to Sandusky in May of 1899.


Ed Daniel said...

Ill bet that photo was taken in 1898, not 1998 as stated in the text.

Sandusky Library Archives Research Center said...

Oops, thanks.