Monday, June 11, 2018

The Moon Rocket at Cedar Point

Long before NASA was established, and men landed on the moon, people were curious about outer space. To aid this curiosity, in 1946 the Moon Rocket ride opened at Cedar Point. (It only remained for a few seasons; apparently people had learned enough about space travel.) An article in the June 13, 1946 issue of the Sandusky Register Star News reported that other features of the 1946 Cedar Point season included many “big bands” in the Cedar Point Ballroom, a fun house, renovations to the Hotel Breakers lobby and soda grill, and a fresh coat of paint and new lifeboats for the G.A. Boeckling.

To read a more about the history of Cedar Point, see the book Cedar Point: The Queen of American Watering Places, by David W. and Diane DeMali Francis (Amusement Park Books, 1995), available at the Sandusky Library. 

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Connie Kelly said...

I have the book mentioned in the final paragraph. It is incredibly well-done and filled with interesting photos and history. Highly recommended! (It would make a great gift but it might be out-of-print. I think I found it on eBay about 10-12 years ago, although I bought mine at Borders years before that.)