Saturday, November 03, 2018

Election of November 3, 1891

On October 12, 1891, Erie County Sheriff Christian Wiedel posted a proclamation which notified area residents that the November election of 1891 was to be held on November 3, 1891. The Sandusky Register of November 4, 1891 listed a tabulation of election results.

Governor McKinley won “by a handsome plurality.” Of course he would later win the Presidential election, and he served as U.S. President from March of 1897 until he was assassinated in 1901.

A local election winner was Dr. B.R. Hubbard, who was chosen to serve as the Erie County Coroner:

You can read much more about Erie County’s elected officials in the book Elected to Serve: Erie County, Ohio, 1838-2003, by Patty Dahm Pascoe, available in the library's Genealogy collections.

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