Thursday, December 27, 2018

Dr. Lucy Hoffman

Dr. Lucy Hoffman (sometimes spelled Huffman) placed an advertisement in the December 1914 issue of the FRAM, the yearbook of Sandusky High School. Dr. Hoffman was an eye and nerve specialist with her office in the Cooke Building in Sandusky. The FRAM advertisement stated that Dr. Hoffman’s specialties were relieving headaches and straightening crossed eyes. She claimed to use “scientific, accurate methods” in her eye examinations, and her fees were reasonable. In the 1916 advertisement below, Dr. Hoffman says emphatically that drugs and drops should not be used in an eye examination. Her method was a fogging system, which did not call for dilation of the pupils.

Dr. Hoffman was only in Sandusky briefly. According to an article in the July 11, 1919 issue of the Sandusky Register, she moved to Jefferson, Ohio during the summer of 1919.

Did you get glasses for Christmas?

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