Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dr. H. J. Donahue

Dr. Henry James Donahue was born in 1828 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. After attending St. Joseph’s College and Ohio University, he obtained his medical degree from the Cleveland Medical College in 1853. Dr. Donahue also opened his medical practice in Sandusky, Ohio in 1853.  His office was on Columbus Avenue, not far from the office of Dr. R.R. McMeens. By 1860, Dr. Donahue had married Emily Miller. For over thirty years, Dr. Donahue and his family resided in a lovely home at the southwest corner of Decatur and Jefferson Streets, seen in the bottom right quadrant of the picture below.

Dr. Donahue had a successful medical practice in Sandusky for many years and served in leadership roles in several medical associations. In 1871 Dr. Donahue attended the convention of the American Medical Association in San Francisco, California, where he was named an honorary member of the California State Medical Society. During the Civil War, he was called into service after hearing news of the Battle of Shiloh. He gave both medical and surgical aid to the wounded soldiers. 

Besides being busy with his medical practice, Dr. Donahue served on Sandusky’s City Council, was an active member of the Board of Education, and served as Treasurer of the Sandusky Building and Loan Association for eight years. 

On June 23, 1891, Dr. H.J. Donahue passed away at his residence. He was buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery. Mrs. Emily Donahue was 82 years old when she died in the summer of 1922.


Ed Daniel said...

That aerial photo that shows Dr. Donahue's home, across Decatur Street from St. Mary's school and convent, was taken from the steeple of St. Mary's Church, the highest structure in Sandusky.

Max Paganetti said...

Thanks for sharing some really informative history. The aerial photo is just wonderful. By the other comment, I can see how they were able to get such a high shot from St Mary's. Have a great day.