Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Veterans Day, November 11: J. Elmer Bauer and G. Lynn Hughes, Musicians in the Great War

Two soldiers from Erie County, John Elmer Bauer and G. Lynn Hughes, both served in Infantry Bands during World War One. George Lynn Hughes was born in Huron in 1888. He entered the service on May 26, 1918, and was associated with the 125th Infantry Band. John Elmer Bauer, also known as Elmer Bauer, was born in Sandusky on January 6, 1896. Bauer entered the service on May 26 1918, and was a musician with the 39th Infantry Band. The August 30, 1919 Sandusky Star Journal reported that Bauer and Hughes, along with Harold Fort and Herb Lechler, were organizing a musical group called “The Harmony Four.” In 1921 J. Elmer Bauer and G. Lynn Hughes ran a music store called the Bauer-Hughes Music Company, located on Decatur Street. Later, Mr. Bauer ran the business alone as “Bauer’s Everything Musical.”

G. Lynn Hughes worked at the Hinde and Dauch Paper Co. for thirty-seven years. He passed away in 1971. J. Elmer Bauer moved to Pinellas County, Florida, where he died on April 8, 1975. Mr. Bauer’s obituary in the St. Petersburg Times stated that in the eight years that he played the organ at the Tramor Cafeteria, he closed every evening’s performance with “God bless America.” Pictured below is J. Elmer Bauer at the organ:


Nikki-ann said...

I'm always amazed when seeing people play those organs... I have enough trouble playing a simple tune on a normal keyboard/piano!

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