Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Concert in 1887

On Thanksgiving Night, November 24, 1887, “Ye Old Folkes” Concert was held at the Opera House in Sandusky. Mrs. John Mack donated the original concert program to the Sandusky Library. The November 25, 1887 Sandusky Daily Register gives a detailed account of the event. The reporter credited Mrs .S. W. Butler and Mrs. Leeson as the chief organizers of the concert. The paper stated: “Mrs. S. W. Butler proposed and planned the concert, and almost alone, through many discouragements, worked it through.”
Concert participants wore costumes from the style of “ancient days.” Hymns and tunes were sung, with Mr. A. J. Nusley serving as the “singing master.” A quartet called the “Foure of Ye Men Singers,” including Mr. Talcott, Mr. McFall, Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Stroud, were a crowd favorite and performed several encores. (Walter Talcott’s obituary, found in the 1926 Obituary Notebook in the Archives Research Center, details Mr. Talcott’s talent.) Miss Fannie Loomis sang a solo called “Jedediah.” Mrs. Norbert Becker sang a song as “Jubilee Pendegrass.” Another hit of the evening was “My Johnny was a Shoemaker,” sung by May Elwell as “Belinda Bugler.” Malcolm Jennings “rendered a solo with fine effect.”

Attorney S. C. Wheeler sang a solo entitled “Ri Ti Tu Ri.” The Register says that Mr. Wheeler was “called out a second time and finally led off the stage by the ear by Deliverance Higgins.”
The newspaper article listed the program from the concert, and stated that the concert would be “long remembered as one of Sandusky’s greatest local events.” To find historical documents, newspapers and photographs from Sandusky’s past, visit the Archives Research Center of the Sandusky Library.


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Katknit said...

How interesting! Thanks for posting!

Lisa said...

You share so many wonderful memories from the Sandusky memory, Dorene. It makes us all wish we were residents!


Gina said...

Can you tell me, is it the same Malcolm Jennings who was a newspaperman and a friend of Warren Harding? Could you post the second page that shows the performers as a pdf? Thanks. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

There is not enough information known to be 100% sure if the Malcolm Jennings who was involved in the 1887 Thanksgiving Concert was the same person as the journalist who was a friend of President Harding.

However, the Aug.21, 1890 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that Malcolm Jennings, who was formerly the city editor of the Sandusky Register was now at the Cincinnati Times Star.

Personally, I think it was the same person.