Friday, January 30, 2009

Going Bananas

Found accidentally, while researching something else. . . . a paragraph in a column called "Breakfast Table Talk," in the May 7, 1924 Sandusky Register:
"Yes. We have some bananas" said Al Maschari, W. Water-st. when he received Tuesday what is said to be the largest bunch of bananas ever consigned to this city. The bunch weighed 119 pounds, and held some 20 dozen or more of the famous fruit.

Of course, the opening line is a reference to a song that became a major hit in the United States in 1923, Yes, We Have No Bananas. Bananas were still a relatively new item in the American market, first imported in 1870, but by the 1920s they were one of our most popular fruits. Few other fruits were available in northern states during the winter, before advanced cold-storage facilities and high-speed transportation.

But the real reason for this article is to show this great picture of the Riccelli store, at 119-121 E. Market St. in 1920.

Unfortunately, we do not have any images of the Maschari store, which was located at 115 E. Water St. in 1924. Of course, we are always willing to accept images of Sandusky businesses and other local scenes -- if you have any to offer, we're here!

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Anonymous said...

i am the grandson of Dr. David Strickler of Latrobe,Pa. he was the first to invent the banana split. I grew up with him and I had a lot of newspapers to prove it!