Monday, January 12, 2009

Grand International Jubilee

On Monday evening, January 12, 1874, a “Grand International Jubilee” was held at Fisher’s Hall in Sandusky, under the auspices of the Ladies’ Library Association. (The Ladies’ Library Association was later known as the Library Building Fund Association or L.B.F.A.) C. R. Hodge was the director of music, and orchestral accompaniment was provided by the Great Western Band. The first selection of the evening was “God Save the Queen,” sung by the entire chorus, the ladies being dressed in national costume. A quartet consisting of Mr. Curran, Mr. Nugent, Miss Alden, and Miss Barber sang “The Campbells are Coming.” Four gentlemen sang a selection entirely in the German language.

W. T. West, John R. Miner, H. F. Spencer, and one other man were dressed as Native Americans. They sang one song entitled “America,” and came back for two encores, providing the audience with great amusement. Other features during the Jubilee included songs representing China, Ireland, France, and Africa. The Jubilee ended with the full chorus singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” Just before the last chorus, the curtain was drawn back to present a patriotic tableau. Miss Sallie Mills was dressed as “The Goddess of Liberty.” Attendant guardians stood by her side, and kneeling at her feet were two individuals representing freed slaves.

The January 13, 1874 Sandusky Register reported that “This concert must net to the Association a very fair amount and will enable the ladies to commence the new year with bright prospects for the future.”

The Great Western Band, from the Arts Collection of the Archives Research Center:

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