Saturday, February 14, 2009

Laura Schaub's Valentines

The Valentine below was given to Laura Schaub by Esther Sutts, sometime between 1908 and 1919. Laura Schaub was the daughter of William and August Schaub, who were both born in Germany, and came to the United States around 1891. Laura had four older sisters, Alma, Minnie, Elsie and Florence. Esther Sutts was the youngest child of William and Mary Sutts. The Sutts family resided in Sandusky in 1910, but William and Mary had both been born in Pennsylvania.
Another Valentine which was given to Laura Schaub was signed simply: "To Lora Schaub from Lillian."

In July of 1919, eleven-year-old Laura Schaub died, the victim of heat stroke. She had been overcome by heat while playing outside at her home on Sandusky Street on Monday, July 28, 1919. Dr. H. C. Schoepfle was called. Little Laura seemed to rally for a time, but later had a relapse. She died Wednesday afternoon, July 30, 1919. Laura was survived by her parents and her four sisters. She was buried in Oakland Cemetery, after Rev. Theodore Stellhorn held her funeral services at the Schaub residence.

Several Valentines which had been given to Laura Schaub were donated to The Follett House Museum by Laura’s sister, Mrs. William Redding.


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