Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sandusky Cider and Vinegar Works / Struebe & Engels

Carl H. Struebe was the proprietor of a vinegar factory from about 1884 through 1900. The factory was located on the west side of Columbus Avenue, near the Lake Shore and Michigan Railroad.

In the 1888 Sandusky City Directory, the proprietors of the Sandusky Cider and Vinegar Works were listed as C. H. Struebe and C L. Engels.

By 1902 C .H. Struebe was a manufacturer of carbonated beverages and he was also was a wholesale dealer of Schlitz’s lager beer. In 1902 Carl L. Engels was the president and manager of a dry goods store, the C. L. Engels Company on Market Street. This store was also known as “Sandusky’s Big Store.” Herb and Myers purchased the dry goods store from C. L. Engels in 1910.

C. H. Struebe and his wife moved to Detroit, Michigan to be near their daughter. Mr. Struebe died in 1923, and is buried in Oakland Cemetery. C. L. Engels died in 1935, after having been involved in several local business ventures, including the well known Engels and Krudwig Wine Company. Tributes to C. L. Engels are found on pages 27 and 37 of the 1935 Obituary Notebook located in the Archives Research Center of the Sandusky Library. Mr. Engels was also buried in Oakland Cemetery.

Pictured below are employees of the C. L. Engels Co. at a company picnic held at Cedar Point in 1902.

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