Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sergeant Josh B. Davis, Chaplain of the G.A.R.

Josh B. Davis was born in New York in 1842. By 1860, he was a resident of Sandusky, along with his brothers Ira T. Davis and John R. Davis. Josh B. Davis was an insurance agent in the city of Sandusky for many years. During the Civil War, he was a Corporal in Company B of the 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Later he was a Sergeant in the First United States Veterans Infantry. Mr. Davis was discharged from the military service on June 30, 1865. He served as a Chaplain in the McMeens Post of the G.A.R.

By 1920, Josh B. Davis and his wife Sarah moved to Medford, Oregon, where they resided with their daughter’s family. He died in Medford, Oregon on February 15, 1921. His remains were brought back to Ohio for burial. An obituary for Josh B. Davis appears in the February 25, 1921 Sandusky Register. Rev. C. H. Small of the Congregational Church held the funeral services, which were largely attended. Active pallbearers were members of the Perry Post of the American Legion. Taps were sounded by Harold Mertz. Josh B. Davis is buried in Oakland Cemetery with his wife Sarah, who died in 1925.


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Enjoyed this post about Sgt. Davis. Thanks for this timely piece this Memorial Day weekend.

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