Monday, January 25, 2010

J.L. Bonn & Son Grocery

J. L. Bonn operated a grocery business during the late 1800’s at the northeast corner of Adams and Decatur Streets. After Mr. Bonn retired, two of his family members continued in the grocery business. The 1910 Sandusky City Directory lists Jacob Bonn operating a grocery store at the original Bonn Grocery location, while J. Bonn had a grocery store at the southwest corner of Hancock and Monroe Streets in Sandusky.

The Bonn family originated in Bavaria. By 1870 the family had emigrated to the United States. The 1870 U.S. Census for Erie County, Ohio, listed the children of J. L and Caroline Bonn as: J.L. Jr., Eugene, Josephine, William, Jacob, and Helen Bonn. All the Bonn children had also been born in Bavaria. J.L. Bonn, Sr., died on April 21, 1899. He was buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Sandusky. Mr. Bonn’s obituary, which appeared in the April 22, 1899 issue of the Sandusky Star, stated that J. L. Bonn had been one of those who “laid the foundations of Sandusky’s success.”

Church music played a key role in the Bonn family. Son J. L. Bonn, Jr., known as Louis, was a professor of music in New York. Jacob Bonn, who died in 1944, was considered an authority on Gregorian chant. Eugene F. Bonn was a composer of liturgical music, and a professor of music at St. Andrew’s and St. Bernard’s seminaries in New York State. Professor Eugene Bonn received the Papal decoration “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” in 1930 in Rochester, New York. Helen Bonn Fox, the daughter of J. L. Bonn, Sr., taught music in Sandusky for 75 years, and she was the mother of the members of the well known local singing group the Fox Sisters.

While there is no longer a grocery store at the corner of Decatur and Adams Streets, in the photo below, an advertisement for Gold Medal Flour is still visible. The ad was painted on the building when Fred Schweinfurth operated a grocery store at the same location as the former Bonn Grocery.


ron schneider said...

the location at the southwest corner of Hancock and Monroe Streets in the 50's became Toft's Ice Cream and before that Otto's Ice Cream

Martha Quick said...

What is the word in script painted on the side of the building on Adams? It looks like "Eantually"

Anonymous said...

An old advertising slogan for Gold Medal flour included the phrase: Eventually - why not now?

See this website for more details: