Thursday, April 01, 2010

Burge & McNerney’s Ice Cream Parlor

The 1910 Sandusky City Directory lists the Burge and McNerny Confectionery at the southeast corner of Columbus Avenue and Market Street in downtown Sandusky. The ice cream shop was located inside Sandusky’s Lake Shore Electric Railway building, where L. K. Burge was the General Superintendent, and David M. McNerny worked as a ticket agent.

The candy dish pictured at the far left of the image is holding candy manufactured by the Fremont Candy Company. Barely visible at the bottom of the second mirror is an advertisement for Riccelli Ice Cream Cones, which were made in Sandusky by Ciro Riccelli. Hundreds of postcards are displayed on racks. Several postcards featured local buildings, including the Erie County Courthouse and Sandusky High School (now Adams Junior High School.)

The Sandusky Library carries several books about the Lake Shore Electric Railway, including two authored by Harry Christiansen, and one by by Herbert H. Harwood, Jr. and Robert S. Korach.


Ed Daniel said...

I note that Herbert Harwood wrote a book about the Lake Shore Electric Railway. I'd like to know the name of the book. I have his book on the history of the B&O RR.

Anonymous said...

The title is:

The Lake Shore Electric Railway Story; by Herbert H. Harwood, Jr. and Robert S. Korach.

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