Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Minnie Riccelli’s Three Generation Photograph

Notes on the back of this family photograph indicate that the photograph was taken in 1932, after the funeral of Fred Scheuss. The women in the photograph are: Mrs. Lucia Baird, Maybelle Baird Barnett, and Minnie Barnett Riccelli. Lucia is Minnie’s maternal grandmother, and Maybelle is Minnie’s mother. According to the 1930 Census, Minnie Barnett Riccelli was the wife of Sandusky businessman Ruggerio Riccelli.

By entering the names of these individuals into genealogical databases, more details about these women can be learned. For example, the 1920 U.S. Census, accessed through Ancestry Library Edition, lists the name of Maybelle Barnett, and four of her children living in Sandusky on Market Street. The 1910 Census gives Maybelle’s husband’s name: John W. Barnett. By searching Family Search Labs for the name Lucia Baird, we find that Lucia’s husband was William P. Baird, and her parents were John Tuttle and Philena Bond.

If you have old family pictures, try searching Ancestry Library Edition, Heritage Quest Online, and Family Search Labs, to learn more information about your ancestors. While Ancestry Library Edition is able to be accessed only while in a ClevNet Library, Heritage Quest Online and Family Search Labs are available at home or at the library.


Anonymous said...

I have come across an old porcelain sign that says"lake erie international vacationland association".Can you tell me anything about it ?

Anonymous said...

According the documents on file with the Ohio Secretary of State, the purpose of the Lake Erie International Vacationland Association was "to promote the best interests of the tour, travel and vacation industry in the International Lake Erie area, and to do any and all things necessary or incident thereto."

The Lake Erie International Vacationland Association was in operation from February 4, 1949 to November 18, 1995.

You can read a bit more about the Lake Erie Vacationland area at:

Miriam Fetters said...

If the picture was taken in 1932, it wasn't at the funeral of Fred Scheuss - he died 2 October 1928. Lucia was my great-grandmother.