Friday, June 25, 2010

The Sandusky Schottisch

A schottisch or schottische is a round dance of German origin, similar to a slow polka. It was very popular in the mid to late nineteenth century. The dance combines the movements of a slow tempo polka with a circular hop. In a letter to his brother Orion Clemens, Samuel Clemens tells of dancing the schottische with a Miss Castle. A clip of dancers performing the schottische is found on YouTube.

George F. Doll composed “The Sandusky Schottisch” for the guitar about 1860. He dedicated the musical composition to his Sandusky friends. George F. Doll was the son of Sandusky businessman Theodore Doll. German born Theodore Doll had a variety of local businesses, including an ice cream shop and an oyster saloon in a building known as Doll’s Brick Building. He was listed as hotel keeper in the 1850 Erie County Census.

In the 1860 Sandusky City Directory George F. Doll’s occupation was music teacher. By 1880, George had married and moved to Fremont, Ohio. George and his wife Martha had four daughters. George F. Doll died in Fremont in 1881, when only 41 years old. You can view “The Sandusky Schottisch” and several other vintage sheet music by visiting the Archives Research Center of the Sandusky Library.

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