Monday, August 23, 2010

Partridge Carbon Works

The letter opener pictured below is a promotional item from the Partridge Carbon Works of Sandusky, Ohio.

In 1890 James Partridge came to Sandusky from Pittsburgh, and along with John Spear, organized the Partridge Carbon Works. The factory was located at the southeast corner of Campbell Street and Perkins Avenue. The firm manufactured carbon brushes for use in motors and generators. Many of the carbon brushes made in Sandusky were used for the electric street railway system, a mode of transportation that was very popular in Ohio in the 1890’s. Representatives from the South Jersey Street Railway Company wrote a letter to the Electrical Engineer (Vol. XXI, No. 415) stating that the carbon brushes that had been manufactured in Sandusky had proved to be remarkable.

In 1899, the Partridge Carbon Company of Sandusky, Ohio was purchased by the National Carbon Company. Mr. Partridge remained as manager of the factory until his death. The Sandusky plant of the National Carbon Company remained in Sandusky until about 1907.

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