Thursday, March 10, 2011

Irma Harms, Cartoonist

An article in the March 10, 1928 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal featured an article about Irma Harms which read in part, “Sandusky Girl is Clever Artist.”

The article chronicled the career of Irma Harms, who was the daughter of Louis Harms and Hulda Steuk. While at the Cleveland School of Art, now known as the Cleveland Institute of Art, Irma took the pictorial course, which included sketching the human figure, still life, and drawing from nature. She worked with pencil, charcoal, pastels, water color and oils. Later she studied under the cartoonist C.N. Landon. During World War One, Irma did pan and ink illustrations for the Cleveland Press. Later she did illustrations for the Household magazine, Mother’s Magazine, and other publications. In 1928, Miss Harms was responsible for the cartoon “Gabby Gertie” for the International Syndicate of Baltimore. Irma wrote and illustrated a special “Gabby Gertie” feature for the March 10 Sandusky Star Journal. In this particular story, Gabby and her father attend family night at the new swimming pool at Jackson Junior High School. Gertie finds that her suit is too small, but she makes it fit by lathering her suit with liquid soap.

Irma Harms moved to Cleveland, where she died on October 13, 1952. At that time she was a resident at the A.M. McGregor Home.

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