Saturday, March 05, 2011

Kate Castleton in “Crazy Patch”

Kate Castleton was considered the “idol of the fun loving public.” She starred in the play “Crazy Patch” which played in Sandusky on December 13, 1887 at Biemiller’s Opera House. 

The December 12, 1887 issue of the Sandusky Register featured an article from the Cleveland Leader about the play:

“Crazy Patch,” as seen here three years ago, did not give the promise of becoming the remarkable success it has certainly achieved.  This is its third year, and it is today one of the best paying attractions on the road. “Crazy Patch: is the combined work of the star and the various comedians she had around her from time to time, not of is success being due to the author. It is a dramatic conundrum – comedy, parody, burlesque, pantomime and opera being all jumbled together to from a crazy patch of fun. According to reports it keeps the audience in a perpetual roar. Miss Castleton’s song, “Excuse me, I’ll tell you no more” is said to be the happiest of her recent creations. Mr. .Eddy Foy is spoken of as irresistibly funny in his personation of the lunatic.”

Images of the actress Kate Castleton are found in several online collections, including the New York Public Library Digital Gallery and the Kentuckiana Digital Gallery.

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