Monday, April 04, 2011

Manuscripts from 1876 Examinations at Sandusky High School: Physiology and Music

Housed in the Schools Collections of the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center is a bound copy of student manuscripts from Sandusky High School that were written in 1876. U. T. Curran was the superintendent of Sandusky High School at that time. The first section of the bound volume contains copies of the students’ manuscripts for a Physiology Examination taken by ninth grade students. Ninth grade was also known as Grade D. The physiology examination took place on February 14, 1876. There was a total of 29 pupils in the class, with an average age of 14½.

Pictured below is the physiology examination, written by Charles Curran, age 15. Charles Curran was the son of school superintendent U.T. Curran. Later Charles Curran would become a very well known painter, and went by the name Charles Courtney Curran. The 1889 painting “Lotus Lilies” by Charles Courtney Curran, was inspired by Old Woman Creek.

The Vocal Music Examination was taken by students from several grades on February 9, 1876. Samuel A. Collins was the music teacher.

Here are the first four questions and answers to the Vocal Music examination by Jessie F. Thompson, age 13:

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