Thursday, April 28, 2011

Downtown Sandusky in 1905

While we do not know the occasion for the large crowds of people in downtown Sandusky in 1905, the unknown photographer was facing north towards Sandusky Bay when he took this picture. A larger steamer is at the foot of Columbus Avenue, and the people lining the streets all appear to be looking north. Rails for the interurban railway can be seen across Columbus Avenue. Folks are peering out the windows of the second floors of buildings, as well as off the fire escape of the Cooke building.

A large watch advertises the business of Henry Dehnel, who claimed to be Sandusky’s leading jeweler in the 1906 Sandusky City Directory. The sun must have been bright on this day, as several ladies have parasols open, to shield them from the sun’s bright rays.

Several youngsters are close to an automobile in which one child is holding a sign up to promote the Great Band at Cedar Point. A float sponsored by the Herb and Myers store advertises “Furniture of Quality.”

Children of all ages can be seen with their families. Bicycles and horse drawn carriages were still popular modes of transportation at this time.

A float featuring a large cigar was a popular attraction, drawing a lot of attention from the crowds.

Visit the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center to see this any many other historical photographs from Sandusky and Erie County.

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