Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Aerial View of Tiffin Avenue Around 1950

This aerial view of the area surrounding the intersection of Tiffin Avenue and the New York Central Railroad, in Sandusky’s west end was taken about 1950. At the very bottom left of the picture is a “Tourist Court,” according to the 1950 Sandusky City Directory. This later was known as Hopper’s Mobile Home Park. The New York Centrail railroad tracks can be seen just north of the mobile home park. Tiffin Avenue intersects with the railroad, in the lower half of the picture, forming an X. Traveling in a northeastern direction along Tiffin Avenue, the Brightman Nut and Manufacturing Company, now known as Industrial Nut Corporation, is visible. Directly across from Brightman Nut, you can see the old Coca Cola bottling company, near the current location of the Juvenile Justice Center. Continuing northeast on Tiffin Avenue are the former homes of Jacob and August Kuebeler, at 1318 and 1319 Tiffin Avenue. In 1950, the Erie County Detention Home was located at 1319 Tiffin Avenue, and Mrs. Anna Schade, the daughter of Jacob Kuebeler was still living at 1318 Tiffin Avenue. Dick’s Carry Out is currently located at 1318 Tiffin Avenue. Other landmarks on the aerial picture are the coal docks, seen at the top of the picture, and Mills Creek, to the east of Brightman Nut. The smokestack from the former G and C Foundry is visible at the very left side of the picture.

See a previous blog post to view aerial photographs taken by Tom Root.

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